Kapas Island


The clearness of the water off Kapas is comparable if not better than the other faraway islands

Kapas Island, a gem of an island with crystal clear water.
Ideal for snorkeling which is just within swimming distance
from the beach, picnicking or just swimming.

The only tropical island in Malaysia with beautiful coral bay that is just 6 km away from the mainland.

Day trip are easily organized from here. There are many variety of fishes and snorkeling is just within swimming distance from the beach. Even for the most “tight scheduled” traveler, a day trip to this island is practical and not to be missed.

Your Marang trip is not complete without Kapas Island Experience.


RM 40 Adult
RM 20 Child

Price include two way transfer to island
and two way transfer to Marang Jetty.

Not inclusive of snorkeling gear or snorkeling trip.

Things You Might
Want To Bring Along

  • Sun block or Sun tan lotion
  • Extra clothing & towels
  • Diving gears or snorkeling gears
    (Dive shop are available at the island)
  • A little cash for food and equipment rental

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