Sekayu Waterfalls




RM 40 Adult
RM 25 Child

  • Departs at 9am return at 2pm
  • Minimum of 4 pax required

Things you might want to know

  • Extra clothing
  • Shoe/sandal for trekking or walking on slippery stones

Tips: For the more adventurous, a trail leads to the source of the falls are only waiting to be explored (by you of course)


Sekayu Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful and natural attractions in the country. It is located amidst the forest reserve of Sekayu, just 45 minutes drive by car.

The mature trees provide an ever refreshing shade with their “umbrella like canopies” throughout the entire park. The chirping of the birds and the different sounds of exotics insects and colorful butterflies blended well with the environment for an interesting encounter with nature.

Rounded boulders of various sizes all strewn alongside its banks, at some places, forming clear natural pools. The distant sounds of rushing water from the numerous rapids and the thunderous roar of the fall as you get closer certainly sets the mood in anticipation for a cool refreshing dip/swim in its cool and clear water.

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