Marang River Safari

This trip is not available until further notice



RM 65 Adult
RM 45 Child (12 years old and below)

  • Departs at 9am return at 1pm
  • Minimum of 4 adult required.

You might want to know

  • Short pants/Bermuda & t-shirt.
  • Insect repellent for mosquito of other small insects.
  •  Sandal /slipper

Tips: If you are from the big city and have not been exposed enough to “kampung” or having only a remote idea of what the experience is like, this is definitely your chance to glimpse a ride back in time.

Enjoy a trip by boat on one of the most beautiful and unspoiled rivers in Malaysia. Its serenity and tranquility with its fresh morning air sets the mood for an interesting upriver adventure. Iguanas, monkeys are a common sight along the riverbanks. On some lucky days, group of otters are seen swimming together. For the more alert, there is also possibility of seeing a water snake gliding across the river. Birds are abundant wight he occasional eagles gracefully coming down on its prey. The whole stretch of the river is laced with thick river greenery of mangrove and “nipah”, with clusters of small villages. The boat will rest in a a remote village called Jenang. A community of simple folk some 8km up stream. Here is the chance to see a typical malay “kampung” with its natural and easy way of life. Marvel at the villagers skills at atap weaving (thatched leaves) and brown sugar making traditional style and primitive ways. A truly enjoyable, enriching and educational experience, definitely not to be missed!

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